New (Old) Music

A friend recently pointed me to a new music project from the folks at Mars Hill Church in Seattle. I’ve always been fond of doing old songs in new ways and the worship bands at Mars Hill seem to share that enthusiasm. I highly recommend it.

For a limited time you can download a sample of their forthcoming “Rain City Hymnal” here.

Here are some that are quickly working their way on to my iPod’s “Most Played” list.

The Glory of God” & “What Have We Done?” by The Northern Conspiracy
What Wondrous Love is This?” by Ex Nihilo
Oh The Deep Deep Love of Jesus” by the BCG


If you don’t mind dropping about 10 bucks there is also the Page CXVI Hymns Project. There’s a little less musical variety on this one, but it’s still VERY GOOD. It doesn’t hurt that they’ve arranged a version of one of my personal favorites, “Come Thou Fount“. It’s available for purchase in both CD and Download here.

God bless


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