Adult Sunday School Begins Again

Last year, for the first time in the short history of CVCC we began an adult Sunday school class. The first couple of months were a little experimental but, I think, by the end of May we found ourselves in a good rhythm and were getting a lot out of our topics, texts and discussions. Sunday School has become, for me, a lot of fun and a tremendous encouragement as a pastor.

One of the encouraging things was the fact that no one ran for the hills when I showed them our text book, Wayne Grudem’s “Systematic Theology.” Let’s be honest, it’s a big book and we often associate a book of that size with things like…well…boredom. However, all we do, from week to week is tackle a new topic from it by looking at the passages of the Bible to which it directs us.

Here’s a sample of what we’ve studied so far:
Part 1: The Word of God

1. The Word of God “The forms of God’s Word, i.e., scripture, prophecy, and Jesus Christ”
2. The Canon of Scripture (
What belongs in the Bible and what does not belong?)
3. The Four Characteristics of Scripture
a. Authority
b. Clarity
c. Necessity
d. Sufficiency

Part 2: The Doctrine of God

1. The Existence of God “How do we know God exists?”
2. The Knowability of God “Can we really know God? How much of God can we know?”
3. The Character of God

And Here’s a Sample of What’s Coming:
1. The Trinity
2. Creation “Why, How, and When did God create the universe?”
3. God’s Providence “If God controls all things how can our actions have real meaning?”
4. Miracles “Can miracles happen today?”
5. Prayer “Why does God want us to pray? How can we pray effectively?”
6. Angels “Why did God create angels? What are they?”
7. Satan and Demons “How should Christians think of Satan and demons today?”

Why take all this so seriously? Why take extra time out of Sunday morning to diligently study these things? Quite simply, it is a blessing, an encouragement, and an equipping force in the life of the church. It prepares us to explain who God is and why he’s so amazing and important to those who would ask us, especially our children.

For a longer explanation I would recommend listening to our sermon on The Importance of Theology by clicking HERE.
I am really excited about studying God’s Word with you all and I hope to see you there!

NOTE: Remember, the first person that was in Sunday School yesterday who successfully comments on the blog will receive a brand spankin’ new ESV Study Bible!


5 thoughts on “Adult Sunday School Begins Again

  1. OK – I am new to CVCC and really new to using the bible directly to answer life's questions. I came from a Catholic background where the bible was “spoon fed” to us every Sunday in short verses along with the priest's interpretation. In my opinion, the underlying theology is very similar in all Christian religions, therefore, it is a critical link to understanding beliefs held. As far as the differences in theology between the Christian religions, that is for a much later debate (much after I get a running start on direct biblical referencing).

    Oh and BTW – BATMAN (does that help?) Tehehe…..
    Infant in Christ,
    Janice O.


  2. Well, you didn't have to drop Batman's name to win the prize, but it certainly doesn't hurt since I'm such a geek.
    Thanks for the comment. You are now the proud owner of the new ESV Study Bible! I think your opinion is pretty accurate as far as the underlying beliefs of various Christian expressions. In fact, it is remarkable how much agreement there is between denominations or factions of Christianity. Not many religions, if any, have such agreement in their diversity.
    That's why studying the Bible is so important. It's the impartial and final arbiter of truth in disagreements over theology and religion. So, you're running in the right direction!
    See you Sunday!


  3. You can join us this Sunday:) Maybe I'll give away another prize. It'll be hard to top the ESV study bible though. Maybe my own personal, dog-eared copy of Christless Christianity, complete with underlining marks. Worth a 9 hour drive?


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