How To Bless Your Pastors

There are many pleasures and blessings shared between pastors and their congregations all throughout the year and especially around the holidays. Central Valley is no exception and I know, as pastors, we are very blessed by the members and regular attenders of CVCC.
However, it occurred to me recently that maybe we’ve done a poor job at explaining the best way to bless your pastors. This year we were blessed with gifts of cash, household items (and luxuries) as well as copious amounts of delicious food. All blessing, each and every one.
However, as I look back on this year there were a few things that blessed me more than anything. Here are some of the ways to most profoundly bless your pastors…

1. Fathers, Bring Your Bibles to Church (and use them).
Doing this not only allows you to follow along with the sermon easier, and therefore learn from it far more, but it sets an example for the whole family to follow, namely, the example that the Bible is really, really, important. It is a blessing to your pastors to see the enthusiasm fathers have for the Word of God so that it may be imparted to their children.

2. Read the Bible and Pray Together as a Family Regularly.
Knowing that the families among us are, in the days between Sunday and Sunday, concerned about knowing Christ more and more by worshiping together is a blessing to your pastors. Families of this sort lift burdens from the church (and the world) rather than add to them.

3. Use the corporate ministry of CVCC to enhance your Personal Devotions.
I know one family that uses our Adult Sunday School text as a resource for their personal devotions and another that reads whatever book we’re preaching on Sunday Mornings for their personal devotion time. Doing this not only enhances their personal devotion life but it enhances the corporate gathering on Sunday morning.

4. Use the corporate ministry of CVCC to equip yourself for evangelism and outreach.
When the resources, people and finances of CVCC are used to disciple people, serve people and evangelize people it is a blessing to your pastors. This is another way of saying that when everyone is ministering to people and making disciples it is a blessing to your pastors.


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