Earthquake in Haiti

A website I am daily encouraged by and have come to trust (HERE) has recommended donating to the Children’s Hunger Fund in response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti. CHF is a Christian organization with the mission of relieving the suffering of children and sharing the gospel. Their mission statement is,

Children’s Hunger Fund seeks to alleviate the suffering of children by equipping God’s Church to communicate the Gospel through effective compassion ministry.”

CHF has made donating easy through their website. A gift of $24.00 will supply an entire family with food packs as well as other forms of aid.

You can also encourage your workplace to consider donating. In order for a company or business to donate the CHF Resource department should be reached at 800-708-7589.
Above all, your prayers are desired. Disasters and tragedies such as these are used by God in many different ways. One way this works is that God uses it as a call for the church to display the compassion of Christ for the suffering and helpless.
Pray and consider how you and your family should respond.
You can donate to The Children’s Hunger Fund here,


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