An Interview on Adoption Part 2

Dr. Greg Delort is the Family Ministry professor at Manhattan Christian College in Manhattan, KS. I had the pleasure of being instructed in several areas of study by both Dr. Delort and his wife Julie. I am very thankful to them for their instruction and can confidently recommend that we give our due consideration to Greg’s wisdom and insight on the subject of adoption. If you missed the first part of this interview I encourage you to go back and read it HERE and stay tuned for the final installment next week!

Cory: What were the largest challenges in adopting your children?

Greg: For us it was mostly just getting the process started. We were blessed with our first child probably three years after we started the process of working with agencies. And this little girl came to us through a ministry we had started in another state. Finances were difficult in all three of our adoptions. We had one birth father contest, albeit briefly, one of the adoptions. As far as adjustment to family we wouldn’t see any of our adoptions presenting challenges that were that different from families grown through birth. A couple of unique challenges are there though, like extended family adapting to the idea of adopting. Also, trying to negotiate openness, contact between our family and the birth family/mother, presented some challenges.

Cory: How has God blessed your lives through this process?

Greg: We have been abundantly blessed. We value our family and thank God every day for our children. He continues to help us grow in understanding Him through the blessing of adoption. We have had a positive impact, we believe, on birth families. We have had an influence on others who have since seen the possibilities for adopting and have done so themselves. It’s been a blessing in so many ways, too many to mention really. And we’re still seeing additional blessings.

Cory: How integral was prayer in the adoption process?

Greg: See above (Question 3: Interview 1). One interesting thing is that our oldest son was adopted as a result of Julie mentioning in a prayer group/Bible study group she was leading that we were interested in adopting again. One of the people in the group heard from someone else who heard from a woman who was trying to find an adoptive family for a girl that had decided not to get an abortion. This came back to us and we wound up adopting a little boy. It wasn’t quite that easy! But, the point is, that happened as a direct result of prayer through a prayer group. Both of our other adoptions were bathed in prayer by us and others before we ever even knew a child was available and continue to be immersed in prayer now.

Come back late next week for the final question!


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