“Most of the ground that Satan gains in the lives of Christians is due to unforgiveness” (Neil Anderson in Bondage Breaker, 194).

Sam Storms has a great article on forgiveness at his website, Enjoying God Ministries.  I recommend reading the whole thing.

Here’s a summary…

Five Myths about Forgiveness
1. Forgiveness = Forgetting.

2. Forgiveness = No longer feeling the pain of an offense.

3. Forgiveness = No desire for justice.

4. Forgiveness = Not protecting yourself from being hurt again the same way.

5. Forgiveness = A one time act or decision and never requires personal reminders or resolutions to continue to forgive.

Five Truths about Forgiveness

1. God in Christ forgave us by absorbing the consequences of our sin against him. In others words, he paid for our offenses against him – not the other way around.

2. God forgave us in Christ by canceling the debt we owed him.

3. Forgiveness means revoking the right to avenge ourselves.

4. Forgiveness means we repay evil with good.

5. God forgave us in Christ by restoring the relationship that sin shattered.


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