Thinking for the Glory of God

Who’s Coming With Us?  Early Registration ends July 1st.

Conference Information and Registration available at Desiring God


2 thoughts on “Thinking for the Glory of God

  1. I find it odd that Piper would have Warren speaking on such a topic on the one hand since “thinking” should desire consistency. Warren is described by several writers as a chameleon. Not much room for consistent thinking when he appears on King Live and can't remain coherent or at least brave enough to say what he really thinks.

    Yet on the other hand, I can see why he invited him. Warren is all about the very thing he is speaking on…”thinking, doing and feeling”. Perhaps he is the right man for such a lecture. I have no doubt everything he will say will be spot on. However, Warren has been very clear that the church needs less thinking and more doing/feeling.

    In the end, I really don't lose sleep about whether or not Warren speaks at a Piper conference. It is just too bad Warren gets unspoken credibility for doing so.


  2. It is odd. There's no getting around it. I will say however, that after being to two of Desiring God's pastors conventions, even the speakers that agree with everything Piper says, get held to the fire by Piper at the conferences. There was one interaction with him and Mark Dever that was fun to watch. Of course, it wasn't heated, but Piper challenged one of his statements pretty quickly.
    It will be interesting to watch.
    Doug Wilson was last year's controversial choice. Though he doesn't have Warren's celebrity it's been interesting to see people jump on this one and not on past speaking choices like Wilson.
    You guys should come with us:)


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