Junior High Camp

A little less than two weeks before Junior High Camp at Crystal Springs Baptist Camp began I got a call.  “We need a speaker…ours cancelled.”  I was ready to say no. I didn’t want to miss church nor did I wish to busy myself the way so many of us do throughout the summer months.  I’d never preached 5 sermons in a row and I’d especially never done it with only 11 days notice.  But then Gorman told me I should do it.  AND THEN God just dropped an idea right into my head.  He doesn’t often do this to me.  Most times, God seems to prefer granting me wisdom through long, strenuous study or spiritual mentorship.  But once in a while, he drops something in there.  So, when I instantly had an idea for all 5 sermons and how they would fit together I figured God was telling me to go.

Here’s what we covered in Junior High Camp at Crystal Springs this year…

Message 1: The Holiness of God
Isaiah 6:1-7
Main Point: God is worthy of worship, glory and our repentance because of his Holiness, i.e., simply because of who he is.
Quote: “You can’t get rid of sin with more sin. You can’t get rid of filth with more filth. Only a pure and holy God can do anything about your sin, your filth, your baggage and this week I want you to see him – your King, the LORD of Hosts.  I want you to consider how good and kind and loving and merciful God is – for seeing people as miserably sinful as we are, and instead of condemning us, as he has every right to do – loving us, covering our sin and making us pure.”

Message 2: Created for Glory and Worship
Acts 17:24-27
Genesis 1:26-28
Main Point: We are designed to Worship and Glorify God. Where we don’t worship and glorify God, we always find something else to worship. The question is: “Is it worth it?”
Quote: “The command to be “fruitful and multiply” is not simply a command to get married and have kids. It’s so much more. It’s not like God creates man in his image, gives him a big garden to take care of and then says, “you’re gonna need a lot of help with this – better start having babies.”  This command to multiply is more than a command to have kids. What God is commanding them to do when he calls them to multiply is to first and foremost spread the image of God throughout creation and thereby spread his glory over all the earth.”

Message 3: Exchanging the Glory of the Creator for the Creation
Romans 1:18-25
Colossians 1:15-23
Main Point: Though God is worthy of glory, thanks and honor, we have given that thanks, glory and honor to created things. We have settled for lesser glories by totally devoting ourselves to things in creation. The implication of this is that we have rejected our good and gracious creator. The consequence of this is God’s holy justice against our sinful rebellion. BUT, there is Hope in his Son, Jesus Christ, not only for salvation from sin and wrath, but for everlasting joy.
Jeremiah Burroughs Quote: “How does sin wrong God? The wrong you to do God by sin is such wrong that, if all the angels in heaven and all the men in the world would be content to endure thousands of years of torments in hell to make up that wrong, it could not be done. Any one sin that you commit does such wrong to God…Sin makes this profession, ‘There is not enough good in God to satisfy this soul.’”

Message 4: God’s Glory Revealed: Crucifixion and Resurrection
Psalm 22
Matthew 27:27-56
Main Point: God reveals his own worth and the depth of our sin by taking the punishment we deserved, and rising from the dead, in order to announce his victory over sin and death and secure our eternal life in Him.
Quote: “Some of you wonder why you suffer. Some of you wonder why there’s suffering at all. Jesus’ disciples, friends, his own mother is watching this and certainly wondering the same thing. Why is this happening to a guy as good as Jesus? Jesus is experiencing some of the most heinous, wicked suffering ever experienced by a man and he can barely even speak, but when he does he reminds himself that God is in control and that he is using, even the wickedness of sinful men to bring about the greatest good in the history of the world. Think about it. Is there a worse crime in the universe than the intentional, hate filled murder of the son of God? And yet God is going to use it to bring about the greatest good in the history of creation.

Message 5: What’s Your Response to the Risen Christ?
John 12:36-43
Isaiah 6:8-11
Main Point: God’s holy justice is coming for those who have rejected him. God’s redemption is coming for all those who have faith in Jesus Christ. Everyone has a response to Jesus.  Isaiah’s response was humility, repentance, and a proclaimed faith.  The crowd in John 12 responds with disbelief, fear of confession, and shame.
Quote: God tells Isaiah in chapter 6, “These people have not suffered enough to know how much they need me.  They have not seen the depth of their sin enough to know how much they need me.  And I love them.  They are mine and I love them.  I love them so much I am going to totally wreck their lives so that finally they have no place left to run but me.  And what a reward they will find when I destroy them, and level them and lay waste to their comfortable little lives.  I’m going to rip every pathetic little pleasure from them so that they will finally turn and see what lasting joy can be found in me.” 


One thought on “Junior High Camp

  1. “This command to multiply is more than a command to have kids. What God is commanding them to do when he calls them to multiply is to first and foremost spread the image of God throughout creation and thereby spread his glory over all the earth.”

    Right on, right on!!


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