Jonah: God’s Sovereign, Unfailing Love (PART 2)

Some thoughts from pastor Stephen concerning his studies on Jonah.

4 Men Proclaiming the 1 Hope


Empty Hopes and a Sovereign Savior 

Diagnosing the Problem 

I can’t discern which comes first, discontentment or idolatry. It seems like the two feed upon one another. When I am discontent I am so tempted and prone to turn to things that are not God for comfort, encouragement, hope to save me from pain, melancholy, and despair. Simply put, I turn to created things to give me life. And Yet I also know the product from me turning to created things to give me what they were never intended to give me is discontentment, pain, melancholy, and despair. These are the confessions of a Christian who finds himself fundamentally guilty of the same sins as the polytheist.

Martin Luther taught that the reason the reason the first commandment was against idolatry was because it was impossible to break the other nine without first committing idolatry. The monk turned…

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