10 Reasons to Street Preach

In light of our sermon series on Jonah and many conversations with the elders and other churches. CVCC will be bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ literally to the streets. Here’s trusting Jesus will call His sheep and His sheep will hear His voice.

4 Men Proclaiming the 1 Hope


  1. You access people who will likely never go into a church. Whether you are a hip church or not, or have a good reputation in the community or not, there are likely many people, in the community your church is located in, that will never set foot into your church. This is a very real solution to rather insisting on having them come to you on your turf for you to go to them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news (gospel).” (Romans 10:15; as quoted in Is. 52:7)
  2. Provides for the church, gospel, and Jesus Christ to have a real public presence. It seems today you can pretty much find everything on the streets today minus the Gospel. You can sadly find: drugs, sex, violence, etc. but you would be hard-pressed to find any gospel witness there. This…

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